Oncorena aims to save human lives by transforming a natural substance into a breakthrough treatment for advanced kidney cancer.

Urgent and major unmet medical need

Oncorena breaks new ground in developing an innovative treatment for patients with advanced kidney cancer. About one-third of kidney cancer patients are diagnosed with this fatal disease and most of these patients cannot be cured.

Building value based on clinical validation

Responding to this challenge, Oncorena is developing a potentially curative treatment based on orellanine, a naturally occurring substance from the Cortinarius family of mushrooms. Orellanine may become a gamechanger in kidney cancer treatments due to its powerful anti-cancer activity.

Our research makes a difference

Oncorena has completed all preclinical studies and is moving into early-stage clinical development.

The information on this website is of general information nature and is not intended to replace personal medical advice from doctors and other healthcare professionals. Oncorena’s drug is an investigational drug and is not approved for commercial use.

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