About Oncorena

Prior to the start of the legal entity, the development project was managed by GU Ventures at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden. The project was initially developed with support from Vinnova, Sweden’s public Innovation Agency. Oncorena AB was founded in 2011. Since 2013, Oncorena is managed as a portfolio company by the Swedish life science company P.U.L.S. AB. Read more about PULS.

In September 2016, Oncorena announced that the company had secured capital to conduct clinical studies through a new share issue. To access the press release. The capital was raised from the current largest owner PULS and through an investment by the venture capital firm HealthCap. Read more about HealthCap.

Corporate Information

Company name: Oncorena AB
Reg. No: 556925-5192
VAT No: SE556925519201
Founded: Helsingborg, Sweden, in 2011
Address: Kullagatan 8,
SE-252 20 Helsingborg, Sweden